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  • 4EA4797B-7A0E-413A-B74D-E74C8FF2F8E2

    Antique French wall hanging

  • A0BA3EEC-5890-484F-AB9D-EF97223C34EF

    Pair of antique table lights

  • 944346C0-6D67-4FEF-AF81-D8B85DDDEF54

    Rare 18th Century canvas, 348 cm

  • 3EA3F97F-F04F-4F49-B70B-38F9AA56AD1D

    Antique 18th Century Swedish stool

  • FEB8451C-6646-4C23-82E5-CC4082CE047F

    Antique French wheelbarrow

  • 429A50AC-258D-4BE4-8F85-F7CA500F5480

    Rare antique French carousel panel

About Nikki Page

“In a world where so much is superficial and transitory, I delight in searching out pieces which are beautiful, original and timeless.

Objects are sourced mainly from France, Sweden, Italy and England and include furniture, mirrors, textiles, garden ornaments and architectural items”

One of Nikki Page’s earliest recollections is of saving pocket money to acquire beautiful objects. This interest has blossomed over the intervening years into a business specializing in fine antiques and decorative pieces from the 19th and early 20th century.

As Nikki sells from her family home every item has to pass her obsessive attention to quality and detail. Countless hours are spent scouring at fairs, French Chateau and private home sales looking for rare and original pieces.

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