17th / 18th Century antique procession wall hanging


I purchased this exceptional antique wall hanging from a textile dealer in France, I am told that it dates to the 16th Century, that seems very early to me but I am not an expert on textiles, I have marked it as 17th / 18th Century to be safe, but it might be earlier. I believe it to be a procession wall hanging, it would of been hung on the front of the house from outside of the window to welcome the procession, I am sure the house must of been equally as fabulous as the hanging !. The detail is wonderful, the fabrics have muted over the years perfectly, there are obviously signs of age and wear all consistent and to be expected. Likely to be Italian or maybe from Provence. A truly wonderful wall hanging.

Please use your cursor to scan all over any pictures to magnify the area.

Width: 63 " (160 cm)
Height: 64 " (163 cm)
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