Antique French Aubusson hand painted panel

Beautiful 19th Century French Aubusson hand painted panel, known as cartoons, simply framed recently and ready to hang. The earlier 19th Century ones were painted on canvas before they moved to gouache on paper, this is oil on canvas.

Tapestry cartoons are the life size models from which tapestries are woven. Painted in oil on canvas or gouache on paper, these paintings gave life to the smallest cushion to the largest of wall hangings. The wools and silks were dyed to match the painting, and the weaver then copied it. Working with the cartoon under the warp threads of the loom, at a rate of approximately two square metres per month, per worker, the final tapestry slowly appeared. The quality of the finished tapestry was largely dependant on the artistry of the cartoon painter combined with the skill of the weaver.

You can use your cursor to scan over any picture on the website to magnify the area.

Width: 22 " (56 cm)
Height: 26 " (66 cm)
Depth: .75 " (2 cm)
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